Afghanistan is celebrating Global Youth Service Day from March 7 to April 20th.

1. On Saturday, March 07, Global Connection and Exchange Program youth leaders group in Ningarhar province, Jalalabad City held the tree planting event. During the event community member, Chancellor of Teachers Training Center and Principle of Experimental High School Ms. Sadiqa encouraged the students of the GCEP Internet Learning Center by stating that the action is very beneficial for community since it helps to prevent and fight drought, as well as expressed her appreciation to the Teachers of Jalalabad ILC .
One of the students Mr. Samsoor Rahat expressed his excitement about such event by stating that Youth Leadership Club contributes to the development of the community through such actions and that young people must participate in such activities. He said, “We are planting these trees here because people will thank and appreciate us in the summer since they would be able to hide under their shades from the strong Sun”.
All action participants have agreed that all people are accountable to the future generations for developing and sustaining healthy environment for them, and thus they encourage all colleges to initiate such activities, and students participate and contribute. Only by working together can we get through these trying financial times and continue the experiment station’s vital research and said as always, we welcome your feedback.
Such actions will be continued at the ILC during April.

2. Mr. Omid Qadri, the member of youth leadership club at Kabul Internet Learning Ceneter (GCEP), shared his opinion, and said that he always though he should do something voluntary to enable students to accomplish their goals, and thus he decided to establish English Language Club. There are a total of 17 students attending English class. These students will be able to study and read more books in English language, and will be also able to conduct various researches online, find needed information, and grow professionally.
It is important to remember, that the Afghani education system has completely collapsed after more than two decades of war in the country. Schools were either bombed or turned into prisons; teachers and students either left the country or were forced to join the war-lords’ army; libraries were burned down and thus the entire education system was badly destroyed. Now that peace has come to Afghanistan, the revival of education system has also started, and it is very important to recognize that the young leaders are contributing greatly to this process.

3. Youth leaders groups (GCEP) are preparing a special edition of “Ayeran” newsletter (April issue, 1500 exemplars), which will be dedicated to Global Youth Service Day, and will feature a special coverage of GYSD, and will also include series of materials on youth leadership, human rights, and especially children’s rights.

4. On April 7 youth leaders (GCEP) in Kabul organized running competition in Darlamon District of Kabul, dedicated to GYSD and Health Day. More then 80 boys and girls ran close by the destructed Shah’s palace, in the area called Darlamon. It was extremely exciting event, which united the participating and children, and proved that friendly competition is possible. The winner of the contest received different prizes and awards. Such contest serves as an evidence of the restoration process of sport in Afghanistan, although women are still limited in their rights, we can see that sport and leadership have no boundaries. However, during the contest there was a suicide attack committed in the same area of the city, just few kilometers away. for more details click here: